ARCHIVE: About the Parish Centre

** The information below pertains to plans made prior to 2016. **

Why do we need the Parish Centre?
The Parish Centre is necessary for the continuing improvement and expansion of our parish school and community. Our school has been waiting for a gymnasium since it re-opened in 1996. Currently our community needs space, too.

What will the Parish Centre contain?
At a focus group in the fall of 2008, parishioners told us what they would like the Parish Centre to include. Taking those ideas into account, the early design for the Parish Centre includes a gymnasium, a kitchen, a large function room, smaller function rooms, and underground parking. Click here for the early sketches of the Parish Centre.

Where will the Parish Centre be built?
The Parish Centre is planned to be located on part of the parking space beside the school along West 73rd Avenue.

How much will the Parish Centre cost?
The Parish Centre is currently estimated to cost approximately $3,000,000. Detailed planning for the project can begin once we raise $1,500,000.

How will the funds be raised?
The funds will be raised through a variety of programs, such as Project Advance, donation programs, events and more. Visit this blog often for updates on the fundraising programs!

When will the Parish Centre be built?
Our goal is to raise $1,500,000 within 5 years and once achieved construction would begin immediately.

Who will benefit from the Parish Centre?
The Parish Centre will benefit all groups in the parish, from school children to the aged.

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