ARCHIVE: How will we achieve our goal of starting construction in 4 years?

The Parish Center is estimated to cost $3,000,000.  Diocesan guidelines mandate that before we can begin the building process we need to save half of that ($1,500,000).

If we currently have $400,000 saved, how can we keep our fundraising momentum and achieve our goal of starting construction in four years?

Use Envelopes for Sunday Collections
One way that would help is to encourage the use of envelopes.  Of the 800 families registered at St. Anthony's, about 500 use envelopes.  Envelope users receive a tax receipt for tax credit purposes.  Read more about charitable donation tax credits here.

Increase Sunday Collections
We need to raise $1,085,000 in four years or about $270,000 per year.  If the current envelope users were able to add $10 per week to their donation envelope, we could raise all the money we need over a period of four years.

Posted by: Adrienne Chan

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