ARCHIVE: Spring Campaign 2011: Children's Presentations at Mass

At the Masses on the weekend of March 5th & 6th, four students from St. Anthony's School made a short speech about how having a Parish Center would improve their educational experience.

They explained how the students from kindergarten to grade three have to use the church's basement for P.E., and how the students from grade four to grade seven have to walk to the Scottish Cultural Centre for P.E.  To add to the inconvenience, for a proper sized gymnasium, the students have to go all the way to St. Andrew's School.

So many thanks to students Francis De Boda, Anna Mae Tee, Sam Scully and Gabriel Uy for doing a great job of informing parishioners about the benefits of having a Parish Center!


Below is a letter from Father Mario about the Spring Campaign, which was inserted into the bulletins.  Click the letter to enlarge:

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